King County Re-org meeting -- the REAL story!

Don't believe those who report the bi-annual event was a yawn. It was chock-full of suspense, mystery, one-upmanship, controversial celebrities, mutinous rumblings!

I pity the lazy miscreants who chose not to attend.

Icing on the chocolate donut: King County generously provided a "continental breakfast"--bottomless kegs of hot coffee and a massive assortment of sugary, high-fat refined carbohydrates to nourish us for the next few intense hours.

Pictures & exciting story below:

We were graced with the presence of an international celebrity, taking time out from his busy Christmas schedule: Santa Claus, or Saint Nick! Despite his unmistakable appearance and colorful garb, he believed he was incognito, even sitting front row center--unpretentiously using the name "Joel," I believe. Right, whatever you say--Joel!

King County officialshad arranged for this dramatic message to loom over the room, impressing the newbies: "You are the power!"

Isn't that special! And the cheery pinkish font is everyone's favorite, Arial. I recognize the distinctive C!  Had they asked me, I might've designed the message more like THIS:

...with no exclamation point necessary. But that's just me.

I wore my queenly Washington State headpiece, adorned with all the official symbols of our state, even a dragonfly, state insect! (Well, except for the geoduck, repulsive state mollusk.) It may sound elitist, but San--I mean, Joel and I were the ONLY  attendees who were fittingly attired for the special occasion. What's with all the ratty sweatshirts and jeans?

Imagine my surprise at the low-profile, fashionably late entrance of John Edwards! I had heard the rumors, but never thought...oh, wait--it's not John Edwards, it's SEABOS, with a grungy prolecap pulled over his bedhead! And he's armed with a stack of subversive pinko tracts, meant to undermine the authority of King County officials. I should be ashamed to be seen with him...but he insisted on this shot of us together, so he could show his kin in Alabama that he was tight with a glamorous Washington state celebrity.

To my astonishment, and despite the pinko lit, crotchety 34th chair Ivan and seabos did not take their well-known differences outside and slug it out, as I expected. They kissed and made up!! And it wasn't pretty, but my friends -- HERE IS THE EVIDENCE!

(Warning: if you're sensitive, SKIP QUICKLY over this image)

Washblogger Chad Lupkes, another radical--I've heard him trying to subvert our entire American system--had the nerve to wear an American flag, and he disrespectfully draped it over the back of his chair, as you can see.

Dear Leader, State Chair Dwight Pelz, told us that he expected the Iraq war would be over by 2008, therefore our message that year should focus on the Repubs' war on the middle class and the younger generations. Hmm...I wonder what'll happen to those many huge military bases in Iraq! Converted to zoos and theme parks for the delight of the unwashed masses, perhaps?

Dear Leader had the attendees springing to their feet, applauding with pride and joy. After graciously acknowledging the acclaim, Dwight announced he was up for re-election before making a quick exit.

Santa and Ivan lead the cheers, but WAIT...I see two insurgents at the extreme left and right of the picture--both Washbloggers! One is none other than Seabos...the other, eridani!

Mayor Nickels was not pretentious. He spoke about his efforts to address global warming...or climate change...and showed us that he could yodel loud enough to be heard from Mount Rainer!

On his way out, he kindly stopped to chat with the troops
and even showed them his legendary can of Whupp-ass.

Port Commissioner Alec Fisken told us he gets no respect for his office, as hardly anyone knows it exists. He ended with "I give up! You can take this job and shove it!" Oh, and he's up for re-election.

Julia Paterson recited a snarky poem about the new WA legislature, based on "A visit from Saint Nick" ("'Twas the night before Christmas..."). I'd like to get a copy of that!

The 34th had the best attendance of any LD! Mostly due to the swelling of district PRIDE engendered by our famous one-of-a-kind banner, designed and stitched by MOI. (Here it's displayed appropriately against a photo of labor demonstrators with signs proclaiming "I will never SCAB".) Let's face it, this one makes the KC banner look less than impressive. The 46th chair was very jealous (which delighted Ivan) and asked if I could make one for HIS LD. I said sure, if the price is right. Haven't heard back.

34th District recruiters Beth and Jackie won a special award for their lifelong, relentless propaganda efforts in every corner of West Seattle.
Here, Beth explains that she is the one who does most of the work, and Jackie just tags along.

I bought a raffle ticket, and was SO hoping to get the 07 calendar featuring Bill Clinton's classic photo from 94, him wearing just his spankin' white boxer-briefs. But no. It went to our own m3047, AKA m3047. By the way, after he brazenly disseminated his Political Matchmaker flyers, he quickly disappeared. Think what you missed, Fred! Can I have the calendar?

All the KC officers were re-elected--no surprises there, but that sea of red and pink ballots waving aloft--it was inspiring, to say the least.True confession: I did not vote ONCE! Too busy taking pictures and observing the weirdness in the corners of the room! Somehow, the candidates and resolutions passed without my help.

Some officer candidates were sternly questioned before the vote. Like: How come the State Dems Holiday party tickets cost hundreds of dollars! Who is responsible for that? It's undemocratic! The candidate was unprepared for this question. Chair Suzy Sheary interjected, saying the party is at the Hyatt, and that is kind of expensive, ya know. Next!

A short, outspoken woman (who is greatly feared among WA Dems) confronted Javier Valdez the State Committee officer: had he addressed the outrageous iniquities exhibited at the State Convention in June? What's being done about it? Quaking, he admitted he wasn't there and had only heard secondhand accounts of the "tension". I recalled this woman had made quite a show of repeated loud objections at the convention during the messy and ill-timed resolution voting process. For instance, she asserted that the voice vote was inaccurate because "the men shouted down the women".  But when a hand vote was counted, her side still was way in the minority. That didn't put a dent in her ferocity, though (not that there's anything wrong with that). I noticed that Rob Dolin acknowledged that because of  "differences in the tone of men's and women's voices" we would be using hand counts, not "yeah or nay."  Heh. The squeaky wheel...

I don't dare show you her picture---hell, this woman would eat me for breakfast, and not in a good way...

On to


1. Letter of support to new Dem Congressional Leaders, urging them to address a number of issues. Some controversy over the wording: "global warming" or "climate change"? A real dogfight, folks! Also: "accountability" for previous power abuses and corruption, or "impeachment"? Accountability won, much to the disappointment of a nice LaRouchie girl whom I spoke with at length later.

2. Letter of support to DNC Howard Dean applauding his 50-state strategy: Rob Dolan suggested this be forwarded to the DSCC and DCCC--applause. Someone suggested it goes to Carville--applause.  

A group of young folks in the back of the room objected that it was NOT Dean's 50-state strategy that made the difference in the 2006 election, but LaRouche's outreach on college campuses, getting out the Youth Vote! Lots of guffaws and then on to the next issue. The LaRouchie youth simply CANNOT get any respect at Dem meetings, yet they showed up anyway.

A LaRouche-affilated girl who has infiltrated her LD spoke to me of her concerns about the deficit, war, corruption, etc, and didn't sound entirely Koolaided. I said I agreed with her concerns, but no, I did not find LaRouche relevant to my efforts. She asked if I would be at the Holiday Party and I said I couldn't afford it. Then she offered me her LaRouche lit (sigh). She was such a sweet innocent-seeming young thing, I took it with no comment. I'm such an old softie.

WHO IS THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, I mean Washington State flag?
A grim-looking, bearded man (perhaps from Homeland Security?) lurked on the stage, behind the flag, for the entirety of the meeting. Whom does he represent? None of us can rest safe in our beds, my friends. Any clue to this disturbing mystery would be most welcome!

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And I hope we're all supporting him. The "man behind the curtain" is Larry Jackson, chairman of the 30th District Democrats, who was responsible for all visual and audio aids working correctly.

If perception is reality, then the world must be flat and the sun must revolve around it.

by ivan on Tue Dec 05, 2006 at 05:00:00 PM PST

In no particular order:

  • Port Commissioner is Alec Fisken.  He's a good guy.  We need to make sure he doesn't get blindsided like Lawrence Malloy was last year.
  • Interesting that SeaBos looks a whole lot more puckered than Ivan.
  • That State Committeeman must be Javier (not Xavier) Valdez.  Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing him at the Yakima convention.  OTOH, I don't remember not seeing him either.
  • Santa lives in the 36th District.
  • You mean the Blue Wave wasn't entirely due to the great-and-powerful Oz, ummm, I mean LaRouche, and his magical influence on all people under the age of 30?  I never heard about anything or anyone else who did a single thing for the cause.

You're only young once, but you can be immature forever -- Larry Andersen
Blogging at Peace Tree Farm

by N in Seattle on Tue Dec 05, 2006 at 05:05:39 PM PST

  1. your commentary is invaluable. :)

  2. mums the word about the edwards mix up! Belltowner is sending me money!
(should I wear a tie in the future, will that keep them confused?)

3. I love that description of "cheery pinkish font...",

my response was at the time of the presentation was definitely ... 'ah, yeah, uummmmm, ...'

Today, I see they should have used YOUR graphic.

Funny how I don't notice stuff until someone points out what something outta look like.

art class in middle school ... I remember being in detention filling in the squares of graph paper with red and green colored pens.

  1. you should have only used that picture of me and you! that picture of me and Ivan is really gonna mess with the alabama family - hopefully they already sent the christmas presents. They know that I am weird and that Seattle is weird and that Dems are weird, but ... that picture of Ivan, OMG! as the teenagers say.

  2. speaking about pinko leafletts ... when I was at kinkos they had all this different colored paper you can use, and the pink was real full, and I thought

'hey, no one uses that, I'll use it!'

maybe my artistic inspiration comes from all that time filling in graph paper squares with red and green magic marker?

6. your commentary is priceless!  ;)




by rmdSeaBos on Tue Dec 05, 2006 at 06:36:25 PM PST

   I wish, but I think Dwight is wrong on the war. It may be different, but it'll still be an issue.
   But, like this past year, not the only issue.

   NO picture of Mr. Murphy?

Dave Gibney Pullman

by gibney on Tue Dec 05, 2006 at 06:57:24 PM PST

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