What Are the Costs of War? Cyber Activists Organizing Face to Face

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I've seen an interesting and hopeful thing happen over the past couple of weeks.

While perusing my inbox, I noticed a plethora of emails from various organizations dedicated to 'Not ONE more penny for this beastly war', especially some promoting Iraq Town Halls in each Congressional District in April.

First I thought, 'Yeah right, they think something can be organized within a couple of WEEKS?!?'.  Then, 'I have a ton of Central Area community meetings and two weekends with the Democrats in April.  SNOW or someone will do something, I am sure', and, 'I really should show up at 23rd and Union one of these Friday mornings to vigil with the Madrona group', and finally, 'I'll send Jim McDermott an email thanking him in advance for standing strong with the rest of the progressives in Congress'.  Then it occurred to me, 'Wait a minute, why is Democrats.com calling for people to organize forums?  Shouldn't anti-war groups like UFPJ do this?'

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Winter Soldier Live Blogging

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A number of Washington State members of Iraq Veterans Against the War are attending Winter Soldier at the National Labor College near Washington D.C.

Here is a description of the event:

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