Depleted uranium study WA Natl Guard IS funded! Tx Sen Doumit

From email I received from my State Senator Doumit's office;

  Hello, I want to let you know that a budget proviso was included in the Senate's proposed budget for $150,000 for a Military Department to study the scope and adequacy of training on exposure to depleted uranium received by Washington state members of the National Guard serving during the first Gulf War or reccently in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is similar to the bill that you had contacted us about and I hope this comes as good news. Your message bringing it to our attention was very, very helpful.


Vickie Winters
Sr. Legislative Assistant for Senator Doumit

 See earlier
Washblog diary
 on  SB 6732(online at access WA)   for more detail.  What's stunning (to me) is the rapid progression of this proposal to bill to hearings to referral to State Ways n Means to not on Agenda to consideration for supplemental budget to funded!  All in the space of 2 months.  

For those of us who are military families with deployed loved ones and have concerns about troop's exposure to depleted uranium, this legislative piece matters a great deal.  

Washington state is now the third state in the nation  following Louisiana, Connecticut to have some form of legislation dealing with Natl Guard exposure to depleted uranium.

It's a beginning.

I have to thank Senator Doumit's office for giving full and more than perfunctory attention to my phone call inquiry.  I did not feel at all like I was getting the standard form letter response and feel fully like the State Senator representing my district (19th) was fully attentive to my concerns.  So a shout out to say thanks Vickie Winters, at Senator Doumit's office;  you were a great help and very responsive.    

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