Deadliest Month since 2004 for Washingtonians in Iraq

January, 2007 has been the deadliest month for Washingtonians serving in Iraq since August of 2004. With the release of the names of five Washington State service members killed since the start of 2007, the total number of Washingtonians killed in Iraq since the initial invasion stands at 62; 16th highest total of the 50 states.

Update [2007-2-1 21:7:6 by The Left Shue]: The Department of Defense has released the name of Lance Cpl. Adam Q. Emul, 19, of Vancouver, WA as the 6th Washingtonian to be killed in Iraq in January, 2007 and the 63rd overall. Emul's death on the 29th sets January alone as the deadliest month for Washingtonians since the invasion of Iraq.


The Department of Defense has released the name of Sgt. Corey J. Aultz, 31, of Port Orchard as the 7th Washingtonian to die in Iraq in the month of January. According to the DoD release, Aultz died on January 30th in Ramadi, Iraq. 64 Washingtonians have now died in the US invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq.

The following Washingtonians were listed as killed in Iraq in January, 2007 by the Department of Defense:

Corporal Jeremiah Johnson, 23 Vacouver 1/6; Sergeant James D. Riekena, 22 Redmond 1/14; Corporal Darrel J. Morris, 21 Spokane 1/20; Major Alan R. Johnson, 44 Yakima 1/26; Sergeant Mickel D. Garrigus, 24 Elma 1/27. Morris, Johnson, and Garrigus represent the most Washingtonians killed in a one week period.

For get more information on the names of service members by state (or any number of designators), go to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. To do something about it, come to Ft. Lewis on Monday, February 5th  to show your support for Lt. Ehren Watada

Chad (The Left) Shue

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I can't find the specifics, but I did hear it on evening news Monday night. I remembered your diary and thought it appropriate to add this soldier as well.  Perhaps others who may have also heard on the evening news can add this soldier's name, age and home town (which should be Port Orchard)?

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