A thousand (or two) people in the streets of Seattle

October 27, 2007 - A coalition of antiwar activists thundered through the streets of Seattle - part of a nationwide statement to our government and the whole world. An all-ages, colorful assemblage of pissed-off citizens united for peace, justice, and democracy yet again. I'm posting a lot of pictures to convey that the march went on...and on...and on: one of the biggest I've seen in Seattle. It made me proud!

The messages boiled down to a few themes. See below:



Throw in this message:

And this...Good to know there's an "Anti-Imperialist Committee":

And this:

And this:

And this:

Vets for Peace and Iraq Vets against War

The hot Code Pink props combined with screaming yellow ANSWER posters make quite a statement. Gotta hand it to ANSWER, they print up some sharp in-your-face graphics and distribute them widely.

The peace and love-peddling Kucinich folks were out on force...and a few Ron Pauls.

"Everybody look what's goin' down..." I had many  moments of - WHAT YEAR IS IT?  1969 ?  
Peace signs everywhere:

Bob Dylan quotes:

Pink Floyd tee shirts (is that Yoko Ono on the right?):

Flag-wrapped protestor luv:

"Young people speakin' their minds..."

He is turning 18 and worried about being drafted, he says.

One of the young folks referred to the cops as "fuzz".  I haven't heard that expression since "Mod Squad" went off the air...But look! Not one gray head in this rapt crowd...

"A thousand people in the streets..." The TV report estimated close to two thousand.

West Seattle Neighbors, for whom I stitched this banner:

Vashon Island, Everett, Kitsap County for Peace...

The demonstrators were less than respectful of Dear Leader and his cabal:

My personal favorite:

Outrage over lies:

Outrage over the massive drain on our Treasury:

Outrage over torture:

Outrage over Constitution abuse:


More young people speakin' their minds:

This one brilliantly combined his desire for peace and his Caped Crusaderism. Way to go!

I saved the best, er, most controversial, for last - puppets! Here is a jolly-looking greenback-stuffed Capitalistic Fat Cat with a machine gun:

A rough-looking Lady Liberty  - wearing a Che t-shirt? Now I've seen everything...

Mourning Iraqi:

The People's Judge:

The People's Jury:

Peace Doves:

War resistors:

The Last War:

Of course the famous BACKBONE:


The radiant source of SOLAR POWER, with a poster depicting a happy, peaceful, solar-powered and monorailed Seattle.

And lastly THANKS to the tireless Bill Moyer and the BACKBONE CAMPAIGN  BAND for creating a dynamic beat for marching.

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