Washington for Edwards campaign is up and running!

Chad Lupkes and I have teamed up to make a very handsome Washington for Edwards website. We are pictured on the "About" page with other Seattle-area steering committee members.

You might also recognize Dick Kelley, former chair of the 43rd LD and candidate for state Representative; Tina Shamseldin of the King County Legislative Action Committee; Seth Armstrong, former state Representative. Not pictured are Paul Berendt, former WA State Dem Party Chair, and Senator Adam Kline of the 37th LD.

Continued below:

The logo is so much more attractive than those of the other states, don't you think? And how about the frontpage images - they change with each visit or refresh. Yes, very nice...

Washington for Edwards has two important upcoming events, as you see above. We will be bonding with other Edwards supporters as we watch the Iowa Caucus coverage at the Spitfire, calming our nerves with whatever is on tap.

I remember doing this with a bunch of Dems at the first Kerry-Bush debate in 04. Bush was so horrible and stupid that night, even for him, that everyone was cheering, the mood was triumphant...

Back to 2008: The first Edwards-specific caucus training, probably to be followed by another, to ready us for February 9th.

I represented the Dean campaign at my precinct caucus the last time, so have volunteered again. I plan to make a creative presentation that the undecideds will be unable to resist, when combined with homemade oatmeal cookies topped with rum-vanilla frosting.

I also plan to run for delegate and judging from the last event won't have a whole lot of competition for that title.

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