32 LD Dems Oppose Reckless Plan

We gave our "Reckless Plan" presentation to the 32 LD Democrats last night. Their membership is very informed on the problems with computerized voting and secret vote counting systems. So we were preaching to the choir and they got pretty worked up. And they totally understood that making so many changes right before a presidential election is a pretty bad idea. Once we were done, the 32 LD immediately launched into passing the same resolution as the 36 LD Dems.


The 36 LD's resolution calls out Diebold by name. The 32 LD rightly considered amending their version to cover all the vendors. They also wanted to insist that any new system is actually used somewhere else before King County buys any.

So there was some healthy back and forth about amendments. Alas, it was late, group wordsmithing is tough, and they wouldn't have time to do a proper job before the County Council votes (probably July 30th). So the 32 LD passed the 36 LD's resolution more or less as is.

The resolution passed unanimously.

I'll post the final text of the 32 LD's resolution asap.


I really had fun at the 32 LD last night. Each of the Dem LDs has its own character. Last night was an endorsement meeting. I was fascinated. Despite the summer heat and the emotionally charged issues, everyone was respectful and kept on task. By respectful, I mean that people, who often disagreed, respected each other and everyone got to be heard. People didn't talk over each other. People listened to each other.

The 32 LD is what healthy democracy looks like. I almost get all teared up, just thinking about it.

I appreciate that the 32 LD opened their doors to us and gave us a chance to be heard. Thank you.

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The 34th is all fun yet respectful too, except when the Chair gets into a shouting match with a mouthy, rebellious member who refuses to be declared "out of order," despite much gavel-pounding. Like last night.

That perked up the endorsement meeting.

by dinazina on Thu Jul 12, 2007 at 11:00:15 AM PST

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Were the members of the 32nd given a chance to hear both sides of this arguement?  Or did the chair simply allow your presentation and proceed with the anti-Diebold anti-All Mail Ballot resolution?

by Raintempest on Thu Jul 12, 2007 at 11:27:57 AM PST

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