Do our Representatives even READ what they're passing?

The Date:  July 19th, 2007
The Place:  House of Representatives
The Bill:  HR 3043

This bill, which passed 246-140, increased funding for abstinence only education by $27.8 million.  That's $4 million more than even Bush had the gall to ask for.  This brings the total taxpayer burden for educational spending on worthless trash to $141 million dollars.

Did Inslee, Baird, Larson, Dicks, McDermott and Smith even READ what they were passing?  Well, let me explain to them what it is they agreed to fund:

As Katha Pollitt explains, they've agreed to up the funding on programs which spread lies such as: condoms don't protect against pregnancy, half of gay male teens are HIV positive, a 43-day old embryo is a "thinking person," 10% of women who have abortions become sterile, and the HIV virus can be transmitted through sweat and tears.

Want YOUR kids to be forced to read the Choosing Best series in which you'll find the story of a knight who married a village maiden instead of the princess because the princess offered so many tips on slaying the local dragon. Moral of the story?  

Occasional suggestions and assistance may be alright, but too much of it will lessen a man's confidence or even turn him away from his princess.'

Okay, I've heard the latest lame excuse they've foisted upon us as to why on earth they'd ever support such nonsense:  to build a veto proof majority for the bill.  Of course, then the Rethugs didn't give us the veto proof majority we needed anyways so what happened?  Thousands of activists voluntary hours thrown away, an entire section of their base, demoralized and tossed aside (to lay next to the anti-war crowd and the progressives) while federal abstinence dollars have been found to work their way into Republican slush funds.

Great work guys.  Keep it up.

Seriously though, next time someone comes up to you with some idea to make your bill "veto-proof" or uses words like "bipartisanship", please bitch slap them till they crawl away in tears, then repeat after me:
"I'm a vertebrate, I'm a vertebrate, I'm a vertebrate"  

Say this one thousand times when you get up each morning or get the hell out of office.
UPDATE: This timely diary at DKos sheds an even darker light upon the trend to ideologize our educational system:

Cummins laid out a case that what is happening now in the schools is not science but ideology, with federal and state policies imposing a pedagogical divide in which "poor kids get behaviorism and rich kids get social constructionism." In practice, that means skills for the poor and knowledge for the rich.
See where this is going? Corporate feudalism. No class mobility. Skills for the slave class, knowledge, which is power, for the master class. Yeah, our reps have a bit o' 'splainin' to do.
"We have choices," Cummins asserted. "A lot of folks at higher levels in the hierarchy donít want you to know that you have choices because the dominant model of school improvement that is being inflicted in many states as part of the No Child Left Behind reading-first approach is to impose what is viewed as a scientifically supported approach to instruction and to wipe out teacher choice, to make it as teacher-proof as possible."
And our Reps thought THAT was okay to support in recent legislation? Maybe THEY need to dust up on their reading comprehension skills.
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