Latino Families: disproportionate purchasers of our freedoms?

Entonces, digame ... como es que necesitamos cuerpos Latinos sin papeles para sostener el Imperialismo Americano al mismo tiempo que los necesitamos como objetos de discuros de pretensa de odio politico Americano?

So tell me, how is it that we need the bodies of undocumented Latinos to sustain American Imperialism at the same time we need them as debate subjects based on pretended American political hatred? 

Why are we debating the ejection of illegal aliens at the same time we desperately need them to body-up the supposed mighty military arm of American freedom?

While Mr. Bush, Mr. Romney, Mr. Tancredo as well as all the rest of those Republican and  Democratic candidates preening for nominations rap piously on and on about our illegal immigrants, this nation continues to mine deeply among undocumented immigrant families for young sacrificial victims to murder on the alter of American Imperialism.

In the spirit of Mel Gibson's villains in his Apocalypto, the Bushco priesthood is sending out mind raiders to kidnap young Latinos and spirit them into another world beyond imagining. It will be a world where the taking of their  lives continues in ever-increasing numbers.

While doing so, the Republican incumbent  hypocrites - with the tacit silent cooperation of Democratic weak sisters - incite the national crowd by then tearing out the hearts - not of the young soldiers who have already been sacrificed - but the hearts of their grieving Latino families;  

... in a grandstand play worthy of any self-serving demagocracy, proudly hold up those torn and bleeding family hearts solemnly for all to see

... and all American cowards to shout praises in one mighty self-serving patriotic war cry.

We are, or should be the grownups in this country.

Right here and right now we should forget our leisure leanings and start shouting, start the cascading exploding righteous and overdue indignation.

If you are too busy or too lazy to speak out, to join a rally or to surround and disrupt a network TV station, then by God take ten minutes to send someone you voted for (or voted against) the message of a mature and  grown-up American citizen.

In the meantime, while you and I make up our minds, there are more dying - more warriors and more innocent civilians - for no legitimately noble reason.

... not for broken pottery barns and certainly not to support inappropriate surges rationalized as supposed prevention of unavoidable chaos

... a chaos supposedly delayed at a cost way to high for this nation to keep paying.

The shame is ours too ...

although I am not a Latino, my children - all born in this country - are. Latinos then I consider partly to be my own people. Although viewing their lives from my primarily inadequate  "gringo perspective," I do speak their language and work with these families in my profession. What they are told by the American government that simultaneously needs and despises them is our shame.

Reference the following chronicle of national shame:

The whole article is worth reading unless you are a moral coward turned off by reality or convinced that we can justifiably limit ourselves to small and token  political steps now - letting more people die - while telling yourself how we'll fix it all in late 2008 - when it will be of course too late for many.

[Short excerpt]

Latino teenagers, including illegal immigrants are being recruited into the military with false promises.

By Deborah Davis

In These Times.com 

Jesus had been an easy mark for the recruiter-a boy who fantasized that by joining the powerful, heroic U.S. Marines, he could help his own country fight drug lords.

He gave the recruiter his address and phone number in Mexico, and the recruiter called him twice a week for the next two years, until he had talked Jesus into convincing his parents to move to California.

Fernando and Rose Suarez sold their home and their laundry business and immigrated with their children to Escondido, where Jesus enrolled at a high school known for academic achievement. But the recruiter wanted him to transfer to a school for problem teenagers, since its requirements for graduation were lower and Jesus would be able to finish sooner. He was 17 and a half when he graduated from that school, still too young to enlist on his own, so his father co-signed the enlistment form, as the military requires for underage recruits.

Three years later, at the age of 20, his body was torn apart in Iraq by an American-made fragmentation grenade during the first week of the invasion. In the Pentagon's official Iraq casualty database, his death is number 74.


Don't wimp out on me now! Click and read it all 


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This truly is an outrage.  So they found that people who have lower academic achievement enlist more often, which leads them to target new speakers of English.  From the article you link to:

The Army's campaign, created by Cartel Impacto, a cutting-edge firm from San Antonio, uses the firm's proprietary "barrio anthropology" and grassroots "viral and guerilla marketing" techniques to "go deep into the neighborhoods and barrios" in order to tell Latino families how the military can help them have the kind of life they want in America. "We address the core issues of why they left their country in the first place," says a Cartel Impacto spokesperson, who did not want her name published. "You have to conduct your outreach carefully," she says, "using PTAs as an entry point," as well as "local Hispanic groups that the newly arrived would look to."

by noemie maxwell on Mon Aug 06, 2007 at 09:53:02 AM PST

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