On Being Bumped, Or, Let's Have Another Roundup

So I thought I was going to have another Jay Inslee story for y'all today, but it turns out that I'm going to have to do more research before we can "come to press" with that one.

But that's OK, because the world's been busy doing a lot of other things - and while many of them get media coverage, some don't get a lot of notice at all.

And of course, there are also those stories that look one way at first glance...but look a lot different when you dig a bit deeper.

We'll hit a few of those today, have a bit of fun doing it, and get ready for what promises to be another busy week of strategically not doing things in Washington.

To make things even better, some of the stories will be real, and some won't.

We'll see if you can tell the difference.

Wat baten kaars en bril, als den uil niet zienen wil?
("What use are candle and glasses, if the owl does not want to see?")

--Traditional Dutch saying quoted in Peter Tate's book "Flights of Fancy: Birds in Myth, Legend, and Superstition"

Let's begin by closing out some business from our last story: I mentioned that I received a parking ticket from Seattle Parking Enforcement Office J. Hell, on Republican Street, while attending an event hosted by a Democratic candidate for Governor, and I suspect that some of you think I made all that up.

For proof, I was going to copy the ticket and post it for folks to see...but, instead, check this out: Officer Hell actually made the "Seattle Times" back in June, and you can see her hard at work in that story booting a car, which Seattle does after four unpaid parking tickets.

And now, on to the new business:

Have you seen the Viagra commercial where the guy is driving his horse trailer, and it gets stuck in the mud, and he uses the horses to pull himself out?

Well, think about it just a minute: he's a guy, and he already has a great big pickup truck, a cowboy hat, and horses...which he's actually using to pull his great big pickup truck...and you're telling me he doesn't already have a boner?

If he can't achieve an erection at that point, what the hell good is Viagra gonna do?

And speaking of erecting new things...

In what I consider to be one of the best things to happen to politics (and the financing of television productions) in years, Stephen Colbert has been given permission to form his own SuperPAC.

Colbert indicates that he intends to use any money donated to the PAC to produce certain campaign commercials, among other things - but according to the FEC advisory opinion, he is not allowed to expend any of his unlimited corporate contributions to run another effort like 2008's "Hail to the Cheese" Campaign, which was intended to merge corporate money and politics in an obvious and highly visible way.

By the way, that FEC advisory opinion is available for viewing, if you're so inclined - and in a most fascinating footnote, it unintentionally explains the existence of Fox News as a legitimate press entity:

A news story, commentary, or editorial that lacks objectivity or is satirical can still be considered part of a press entity's legitimate press function, even if that news story, commentary, or editorial expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate for Federal office.

And speaking of unlimited corporate money...

Monaco was the location of a Royal Wedding this weekend, with Monaco's Prince Albert, resplendent in his military uniform, taking up the role of groom.

Military uniform?

As it turns out, tiny little Monaco actually does have a military, and the Prince represents 1/113th of the entire force - which means if they ever try to invade the Vatican, the Swiss Guard will outnumber `em by about 19 guys.

(By the way: the Prince is reported to have some DNA testing in his near future to determine the paternity of what could be his third and fourth illegitimate children...which is presumably going to make for a bit of a frosty honeymoon.)

What else is going on?

Well...I was watching CNN and they suggested that people bearing retirement age should try making a budget that would reflect how they'll be living after retirement and try living on that now.

And I though to myself: "I should try that".

So I did...and now I'm wanted for bank robbery in four states.

Thanks, CNN.

And finally...

In a story that is exclusive to Your Erstwhile Reporter, I am now able to report that Ohio Governor John Kasich, in an effort to simultaneously reduce unemployment and "send the proper message" to his workforce, will announce on Tuesday that he intends to hire 6,000 new state employees who will have only one duty: to travel around and visit all male State employees, at random, once a month...and kick them in the balls.

In order to help female employees really "get a feel" for the new work environment, former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has been brought back to reform and "restock" the Dannettes; he'll then be employed as the "Charlie" overseeing Ohio State Government's newest "Angels".

So there we are, with this weekend's Roundup, and we should be back shortly after Tuesday with either the Jay Inslee story that was supposed to be here today - or a substitute, depending on how our research goes.

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a military uniform for the wedding?
well...it's a great look
i'm an officer, and swords are cool
sure, if you're career military
somebody's compensating...

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