On The Question Of Virginity, Or, "Starter? I Can't Make Her Stop!"

I got a weird little story about my friend Blitz Krieger to bring to you today.

He's had a crazy car problem, he has, and over the past few months he thought he had found a solution - in fact, he thought he had found the solution of his dreams - but in the end, he's discovered that the things you dream about often don't go according to plan.

The way it's worked out for him so far, it's been a lot of anticipation followed by a sudden wave of frustration, but I feel like he's a lot better off having his particular problem with his car...because if he'd had cancer instead, he'd surely be dead by now.

The community is always embarrassed by the drag queens because straight society says, "A faggot always dresses in drag, or he's effeminate." But you got to be who you are. Passing for straight is like a light-skinned woman or man passing for white. I refuse to pass. I couldn't have passed, not in this lifetime.

--Sylvia Rivera, describing the founding of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR), quoted in the book "Becoming Visible: An Illustrated History of Lesbian and Gay Life in Twentieth-Century America"

So here's what happened to Blitz: he waited forever to buy his first car because he wanted, more than anything else in life, to drive his "perfect" car: a 1982 American Motors Eagle SX/4.

It's a wild car: it was designed as a small hatchback...with a V-8 engine...and "switchable" 4WD...which allowed it to travel easily in snow in a way that virtually no other passenger car at the time could manage.

So he waited all this time, and two years ago, in California, he literally found a little old lady from Pasadena who sold him his "Dream Car", which, ironically, was the same brown color as Al Bundy's Dodge.

It drove great for about six months, but it's been suffering from a strange malady that presents as a horrible grinding noise when he tries to start the car. He has no idea what to do - and standing in the way of a solution is an obsession that I find a bit strange:

He is absolutely determined that he is not going to go to just any mechanic.

Instead, Blitz told me that since it's the first time the Dream Car needs to be repaired, he intends to go to a mechanic who has never worked on any car before his - and he says he wants to do this because he feels the experience of having the work done this way will make it more "special" for the both of them.

It took him almost a year to find someone, but when he did, it was truly perfect: he met a woman named Jenna Talia who wanted more than anything to be a mechanic.

She'd been studying through one of those "learn at home" programs, and, amazingly, she had an attitude similar to my friend Blitz's: she knew about how to fix a car from what she'd read in a book, but she refused to actually repair one until she got the chance to work on her Dream Car - and even more amazingly, her Dream Car...was a 1982 American Motors Eagle SX/4.

They actually met on the bus (Blitz, naturally, refused to drive any other car except the Dream Car), and after a few months of knowing each other, Blitz proposed that Jenna might work on his car in his garage, and she agreed.

Fun Fact I Just Made Up: In a recent poll, 32% of voters thought the Iowa Caucuses were a country located near the former Soviet Georgia.

So we're going out last Saturday night, and I get a call from Blitz asking if I could come by and pick `em both up there at his house, and I'm OK with that, because with two drinks in a night being a big evening for me I'm more or less a permanent designated driver.

I was wondering how it was going with the car, and what I saw was stunning: the upper half of the engine was sitting in the living room, entirely disassembled. There were rockers and rods and all kinds of stuff there, neatly arranged for easy reassembly, and it looked like they had really put a lot of effort into the thing, but it was clear that they just couldn't get it quite figured out...which isn't surprising, considering it was the first time for both of them.

And you could see, in just that first second, that the two of them were some kind of frustrated. But it gets worse: Blitz told me that this was her third "diagnosis", and that, now that she was actually face-to-face with a real car, she seemed to be entirely confused about exactly what to do.

Apparently things had gone so bad that Jenna wouldn't even leave his house at night to go home until she could get things figured out...and, from what he's telling me, he's ready to throw her out, buy a different car, and get that car fixed by a mechanic who's been there and done that - a lot.

To put it another way, he's ready to dump his virgin mechanic...for a slut.

Now here's the really crazy part of the story: I've had a bit of experience with cars breaking down over time, and I knew what was wrong from the beginning, as many of you probably did, too: the starter was bad - and that's located on the very bottom of the engine, not the top, which means everything they'd been doing was pretty much pointless.

But I couldn't tell them that in the beginning...because, again, it would've just spoiled the experience...and I sure wasn't gonna say "I told you so" now...so even though I could have offered them both useful advice about how ignorance ain't bliss, they surely didn't want to hear it.

So look, folks, we could have a lot more fun following out this comic premise, but there's a bigger point: I don't want a virgin mechanic, and surely not a virgin doctor - and they don't even allow virgin pilots to carry passengers.

What is it about sex (and politics, for that matter) that makes people think they'll be able to simply "get it" with no experience at all? What is it that makes them think that celebrating their own ignorance is the best way to show they're ready to take on something that, frankly, requires a bit of trial...and error...before you really get it right?

I don't know the answer, but the next time someone tells you how their ignorance makes them a lot smarter about something, do me a favor and think about Blitz and Jenna and the Dream Car - and the living room full of engine parts - and if that person's running for office, run the other way. Quickly.

I'd appreciate it; so will you - and if I know Blitz, he will, too.

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2005 subaru wrx sti
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